Too much to choose from

Week 18,

I really am spoilt for choice with my journal. Everything is growing so vigorously at the moment. Everywhere I look there is a potential painting.

We have an invasion of tiny alpine strawberry plants all over the yard. They self seed and send out runners hither and thither. The cheery little white flowers will become the most flavoursome, but tiny strawberries. A very tasty kind of weed.

The startling acid yellow of a Brimstone butterfly caught my eye, as I walked along the canal tow path.  There was no mistaking it, unlike the many little, brown, speckled butterflies that flit across the path.

Towards the end of the week, at dusk, we thought that we saw some bats again. They were silhouettes of speedy darting flight near to the cottages. As our eyes adjusted to the low light levels we realised that they were Swifts. They were feeding on the last airborne insects of the day.



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2 Responses to Too much to choose from

  1. Heidi says:

    How special those strawberries are – I remember some years ago when we lived in a different part of the country.

  2. crobbles says:

    They are packed full of flavour, aren’t they 🙂

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