Lancaster Canal

Week 20, 8th – 14th May

While P is at college, I often enjoy a walk along part of the Lancaster canal. I start at the end of Dimples Lane and walk for about three or four kilometres. I love seeing the subtle changes in the plants, wildlife and even the boats along the way. It would be easy to keep a nature journal based on that stretch of canal.

About a month ago, I saw the first ducklings. They are growing so quickly. The little chap I painted this week, was one of four. Further down the canal, I saw one duck with a brood of thirteen.

The Yellow Iris or ‘Flags’ have just started to flower. In the coming weeks there will be many more, lining the edge of the water in the canal. They make a great show.

The verges of the motorways on the way to college are full of colour at the moment as well. Red Campion, buttercups, cow parsley and even stray rape seed plants. A profusion of yellow, white and pink flowers. One of my favourites is the big, bold Ox-eye daisy. They are such happy flowers.



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