Catching up…again

Week 16, 17th April – 23rd

As much as I am loving keeping this journal, sometimes life gets in the way.  I’m determined to keep going though, even if that means a bit of catching up. I even painted whilst listening to a story in the car. Parked up at the back of college, with the crows and horses for company.

We often hear jays in the woodland near the cottage. Their raucous calls are very distinctive. Most of the time all we see of them is a flash of their colourful feathers. This week, we were treated to a pair landing on the arch into the front garden. I had not realised how big they are.

In the flowerbed next to our bird feeder, we have scarlet tulips. They come up each year and glow in the sunshine. This year they have multiplied and the red petals were luminous.

We had seen bluebells earlier in the month when further south, but I wanted to wait until the first ones bloomed down our lane. I absolutely adore the hazy blue carpets they form in our local woodland.


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