Hidden Treasures

Week 17, 24th – 30th April

Serveral years ago, a neighbour told us that he had seen roe deer in the woods near our cottage. We were very surprised. A couple of years later we found deer tracks in the snow, just down the lane. Back in December, as we drove to college, we got a good view of two adult deer running across the meadow at Seven Acres, less than a mile from home. Then, as we were out for a morning stroll, in almost the exact place we found the tracks, a roe deer doe crossed the footpath in front of us. Less than 10 metres away. It was thrilling. Some dog walkers told us that she had two fawns, last year’s and a new one. I hope I get to glimpse them all some time.

Back in September, we started our rose garden. Many of the plants were bare rooted with no foliage at all. They are all growing well and this week I spotted the first rose bud. The rose is called ‘Rose des Cistertians’. I’m eager to see it open.

The Orange Tip butterfly whizzed passed me as I walked along the canal. I saw several small white butterflies on the same walk.


imageHere is a closer look at the Roe Deer


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1 Response to Hidden Treasures

  1. Heidi says:

    Thank you for letting me know about your blog, Vicky. I admire your talent and how you capture the spirit of what you are painting. I look forward to following along and it’s lovely to have your writing along with the beautiful pages of your sketchbook. x

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